you think you’re cool but you’re just room temperature

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She doesn’t even want to wait for the food to be in front of her to open her mouth. You can actually feel her eagerness lol.

Q: Isn’t your busy schedule tiring?
Tiffany: Now, for the first time, I’ve learned how to enjoy the stage- I think I’ve become a real singer on my own. When dancing, rather than being tense or thinking of the next sequence, the next part comes about automatically from my memories. In order to become like this, I did 26 concerts, and 7 years have gone by. -allure, sep 2013

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jane porter + character traits

I’m at the top, and you’re at the bottom. A subordinate doesn’t talk back. 




131012 SHINee - Everybody


Best performance group in history. Everybody else, go home

I had to reblog this again because I don’t think y’all fucking understand. LOOK AT THIS SHIT. LOOK AT IT! 

Track: Time Boils The Rain
Artist: Wu YiFan
Album: Tiny Times 3.0
Plays: 13,366


140717 Tiny Times 3.0 Ending OST 

Wu Yifan- Time Boils The Rain (Mixed and Amplified Version)

cr: Recordings by BabY_圓小圓 & krishanexo, Mixed and amplified by PrinceFanFan


favorite movies: Frozen [2013]

"Elsa your power will grow.There’s a beauty in it and also a danger. Fear will be your enemy"