Through the years

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Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.
—Katherine Henson  (via sansachan)

Tatsumi: How many times have you hit me?


You’re amazing, Akame. You’re so composed, even though one of our friends died. I guess you’re used to it…I can’t even-

Composed? Used to it?

It’s true. I’ve seen many lives fall before me. However…My precious friend just died! This pain…No one can get used to this! But these emotions would affect our next mission. That’s why I act like I’m fine! We work in the shadows. If I couldn’t switch gears, what good would I be?

This…This is what you call composed?

favorite friendship:
↳ Armin and Eren



"if you’re still girls’ generation in the next lifetime, i will still be a sone." 

happy 7th anniversary, ot9♡