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I’m at the top, and you’re at the bottom. A subordinate doesn’t talk back. 




131012 SHINee - Everybody


Best performance group in history. Everybody else, go home

I had to reblog this again because I don’t think y’all fucking understand. LOOK AT THIS SHIT. LOOK AT IT! 

Track: Time Boils The Rain
Artist: Wu YiFan
Album: Tiny Times 3.0
Plays: 13,268


140717 Tiny Times 3.0 Ending OST 

Wu Yifan- Time Boils The Rain (Mixed and Amplified Version)

cr: Recordings by BabY_圓小圓 & krishanexo, Mixed and amplified by PrinceFanFan


favorite movies: Frozen [2013]

"Elsa your power will grow.There’s a beauty in it and also a danger. Fear will be your enemy"

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Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Moon Jongup.

지금은 소녀시대 ! 영원히 소녀시대 ! 소녀시대 파이팅 !